2022 IRONMAN 70.3 Texas Race Recap

April 4, 2022 ยท 3 minutes

IRONMAN 70.3 Texas


Division Rank: 20 | Gender Rank: 188 | Overall Rank: 210

Race Recap

My performance at IRONMAN 70.3 Texas was good, but not great.


I was impressed with my swim. 32 minutes is a huge improvement. I felt extremely confident in the water and my sighting was excellent. Over two years of dedicated training has significantly improved my form and speed.


The bike course was not a PR chasers dream course given the heavy headwind after the turnaround. Regardless, my legs just weren’t there on Sunday and I struggled to keep pace. I averaged 180W (188W normalized), which is pretty terrible given the amount of biking I did over the winter and what I could have pushed. I also did not sit in a giant peloton like a pack rat. (There was a group of 30 riders that passed me drafting hard).


The run went pretty bad as well. In first 3 miles my hamstrings were super painful and I was worried I’d get full-on cramps. The cramps never came and the pain eventually subsided. Nevertheless, I had terrible GI issues on the run and had to stop to use the bathroom.


Reflecting on my performance, I’ve come a long way if an OK day of racing results in a sub-5 hour finish and a PR. However, I am still pretty unsatisfied with how I executed on race day.

Some key takeaways from Sunday:

Overall, I can’t be upset with a PR. Life is about continuous improvement, not instant perfection and with each race I slowly refine my training, nutrition, preparation, and performance. In actuality, these failures motivate me to be better, more critical, and more introspective, which leads to continued growth in the sport.